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Or maybe watched a movie and read a book and felt so engrossed with it that when it was over, you had trouble re-orienting your self in your regular surroundings? What would happen if, say, we basically picked one area 4 weeks, and every time we had an automatic negative thought in that area – “I’m ugly” or “I’m a failure” or simply “I am unlovable” – we stopped, picked out all the positive truth, and just invested in five minutes dwelling now there? What would be possible? Imagine. While this may sound strange, it can also be a huge support. For example, this sleight of mind is why visualization can certainly help athletes hone future tasks and why it is imagined that people who concentrate daily on regaining health following major surgeries on average actually do experience faster and more entire recoveries. The brain doesn’t always know any difference between real and make-believe, at least on an electro-mechanical level. In her attractive book An Alchemy of Mind, author Diane Ackerman writes about an experimentation she participated in. fMRI imaging showed that whether she looked at pictures of various objects or simply thought about some of those objects, the same