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Females today are more vulnerable than they were in the past. Why? Considering that way that people are meeting each other and dating provides changed a lot. In the past, individuals were often set up by close friends or family on times, or met their future mates at work. The risks that women had during their earliest date were minimized, simply because there was usually someone who knew both of the many people on the date, and could attest to them. Pepper spray will momentarily stun your attacker, so if you are being attacked, you can find out of the situation. Now, pepper spray isn? t for everyone, and if it isn? t for you, there are many other date rape protection devices out there, for example personal alarms that could scare attackers away which has a loud alarm and equipment and lighting. If you do decide on getting pepper spray though, you must don’t forget to make sure that you know how to use it before you are attacked. Consider becoming pepper spray. This can help most people if you are ever in a negative situation. There are many different types, nonetheless one type especially designed for women is